Dr. Bob giving a newborn her first adjustment.

These unique, patented designs are tractioning devices that address multiple postural imbalances including:

  • cervical lateral translations
  • cervical lateral bending postures
  • thoracic lateral translations
  • thoracic lateral bending postures
  • structural scoliosis

  • “Lateral translations of the skull and thoracic cage are difficult spinal displacements to correct. This is primarily due to 2 factors.

    1. The large amounts of muscular and ligamentous deformations which occur in translated postures, and
    2. the difficulty for patients to learn the motor skills required to exercise in the mirror image of these postures.

    The Berry Translation table offers the solution to this treatment dilemma.

    Since we have implemented postural routine traction, we now make routine improvements of 7.0 to 14.0 millimeters in the lateral displacement of the skull to thorax and thorax to pelvis in approximately 35 visits. I highly recommend this table to doctors interested in the structural rehabilitation of patients’ spines.”

    Dr. Deed E. Harrison, Vice President,

    Chiropractic Biophysics Non-Profit

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