2013 Table Updated Image

BLACK Vinyl table is the new hottest seller . The dimensions are 48″ long x 31″ wide x 18″ deep. Order may be placed by contacting our office at 607-535-7080.

New, Improved and includes new SCOLI-STRAPS.
 Price: $2195.00 plus shipping**









Contemporary Metal Supine Traction Table

Contemporary Metal Supine Traction Table

This table is grey and black frame, black upholstry. Please contact our office to order: 607-535-7080.

Price: $2895.00 plus shipping





This unit not only allows you to save space in the office but….

      1. This unit will allow you to perform extension-compression of the spine with an anterior pull.
    2. You can also do long-axis posterior retraction traction with an anterior pull.


This unit is made out of oak and comes equipped with a track to change the angle of anterior pull. The unit also comes with two harnesses. One harness if you are pulling in the direction of long-axis with a posterior retraction, and another harness to do transitional 2-way traction. Please contact our office to order 607-535-7080.

Price: $825.00 plus shipping.

DISCLAIMER: It is highly recommended that a professional carpenter install the unit into the wall by using a “Zircon” stud finder. Appropriate lag screws will be included. Berry Translations is NOT responsible for damage to the product that takes place during set-up!

Download To Support This Type of Traction.